Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers.  If your question is not answered here please email us at !

How is this box different from all the others?

Surprise My Pet is a family owned business. We are not a big box company pushing whatever products our suppliers push to us. Each box is filled with items selected by us that follow a different fun theme each month. We PROMISE you will see our personal touch on every box. Surprise My Pet is more than a subscription membership ... it is a membership to our extended family.

How much do I pay for shipping on each box?

There is no extra charge for shipping. It is included in the monthly price.

How many items are in each box and what is the retail value?

We target to include 5-7 items with a retail value of $35 - $45 for each box (tiny, small, medium and large) ... AND it is shipped right to your doorstep each month!

Can I chose the items that I want in my box?

Unfortunately, we need to buy in large quantities and create identical boxes in order to keep our expenses predictable and to keep the monthly fee affordable. However, we are working to create some flexibility in the near future for options such as an all treat box. Please stay tuned for more information.

How do you select where you make your donations?

Surprise My Pet has just started a new process where those subscribers who are interested can submit a certified, pet-oriented charity in their area to be considered. We will draw from a hat, literally, on a monthly basis and select the winning the charities. Surprise My Pet then sends the check for that charity to the subscriber to hand deliver to the charity and snap a picture for us to post to our social media outlets.

What if my pet has allergies?

We will make a note as to the pets allergies and make the accommodations necessary for your pet.